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Our Process.

Seeking out the most successful development opportunity begins with our rigorous search process. Identifying potential developments across the UK, using our expert analysis to ensure they meet our extensive criteria. In doing this, we are able to source the most profitable development projects with the highest potential returns. All whilst ensuring solid communication with our private lenders, about our investment opportunities.


We identify potential buildings, land or sites prime for development.


We carry out a detailed and thorough review of all aspects of the development process, including cost, location and the current market.

Due diligence

Pulling together information from third parties and applying our extensive in-house knowledge developed over a number of years, helps us to quickly identify potential sites.


We communicate and collaborate investors, contractors, other professionals and our supply chain to deliver stylish modern and desirable homes.


We promote communication and transparency throughout the whole process to ensure viability for all.


We put forward our educated offer, based on thorough research.


Working alongside professionals, we ensure that our designs attain maximum potential.


Paying attention to detail, allows us to guarantee our projects are finished to the highest possible standard.


We maintain and manage all of our properties from our head office.

Our Values.

Barker Homes core values
  • 1. We value differences as the basis for achieving our shared aspirations.

  • 2. We are always improving our processes in order to increase efficiency with every project.

  • 3. Always delivering on our commitments.

  • 4. We know that by working together, we will always achieve more.

  • 5. Each one teach one is our philosophy.

  • 6. Conducting ourselves with honesty and our ethical mind-set.

  • 7. Our business is built on our relationship creating attitudes.

  • 8. We celebrate together when a milestone or goal is achieved.

  • 9. Every team member takes pride in his or her workmanship and we encourage one another to do the same.

  • 10. With everything we do, safety and quality control is always at the forefront of our business.

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