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Invest with Barker Homes.

If you are looking to open the door to an investment opportunity in the property market, but are uncertain where to begin, Barker Homes has you covered. Providing great returns from carefully selected properties and giving you a regular monthly income.

With the financial freedom that passive income provides, you are given something money can't buy, time. In our opinion, time is the most valuable commodity you can possess, and by becoming one of our private lenders, time is our gift to you.

In the current climate of financial uncertainty, underperforming banks, and with interest rates lower than ever, great returns require a huge commitment of time and extensive experience to avoid making costly mistakes. This is where Barker Homes comes in, we have devised a Success System which helps us to identify attractive property development projects, and filter out properties which don't make the grade.

Using our extensive knowledge and wide network of contacts, we source, assess, and secure high returning property assets, allowing armchair lenders to leverage our Success system and share in the benefits of high quality properties with growth potential.

It's simple, let us take the lead. Choose from the carefully vetted properties we make available, then sit back and reap the rewards.


Projected increase in single person housholds from 2011 to 2031.


UK Capital growth projected within five years.


Growth in UK house prices over in the next 5 years.


More homes required annually.

How does it work?

Quite simply, our model is to build or convert, to let. We create high yield returning residential schemes, where we maximise returns in areas of high demand. We manage everything from start to finish, creating highly profitable assets, we then share the monthly returns with our private lenders. Our tailor made contracts provide complete transparency, giving you a clear legal entitlement to regular monthly interest payments.

Why Lend with Barker Homes?

Our Success System is founded on identifying undervalued property or land with significant potential for increase in commercial value. Using our extensive experience and vast network of contacts, we buy below market value (BMV). With this head start we then develop schemes ensuring they have a highest possible gross development value (GDV). By doing so, we aim to generate equity right from the date of purchase, with a further uplift once the scheme is complete. In order for our private lenders to benefit from this Success System, we have created an innovative investment strategy which gives lenders the possibility of an immediate, hands free regular income.

What is the minimum I can lend?

The minimum is £30,000 for a 12 month term.

What is the maximum I can lend?

There is no maximum investment figure. However, we will only allow investors to lend on projects which meet our stringent criteria.

Is there a minimum or maximum term for lending?

We have a minimum lending period of between 12 and 60 months. If you are looking for longer term, you have the option to join our portfolio of private lenders that choose to reinvest their funds, following the end of their contract term.

How can you offer such good rates?

We only ever commit to schemes using our Success System and astute strategy, maximising returns. Capital growth along with enhancing the yield, results in great returns for all. This is why we are able to then pass on these great returns to our private lenders.

How is my money secured?

Your money is secured by our standard legally binding loan agreement, which is backed by English Law. Dependent upon the loan amount, there may also be options for further security by way of either first or second charge over the property asset.

How involved can I be?

You can have as much or as little involvement as you wish. We welcome all our private lenders to join us on site to see exactly what their money is funding. However, if you wish, you can simply take a back seat and watch your great return roll in every month.

Here are a few comments from some of our happy investors....


Richard Fewster

Great choice! I Invested with Barker Homes on a 12 month contract and achieved substantially better rates than I was seeing elsewhere and what's more, throughout the duration I always felt secure and well informed. Due to a change in circumstance I needed my funds back at the end of the term, James was more than understanding and even paid me back early including the full 12 months interest on top of my initial investment. I wouldn't hesitate to invest again should the opportunity arise.

Simon Poole

AMAZING! I have just loaned my first sum of money with Barker Homes and can’t believe the rate that I am now achieving compared to what I’d been getting previously with my savings account.
James Barker, the managing director of Barker Homes, made the whole process completely transparentI quickly began reaping the excellent rewards within the first month and will definitely be reinvesting in the future projects they have coming up.



I had been looking for an area in which to invest some spare funds which weren't doing a lot. After meeting James at the gym, we got to know each other and whilst chatting his investment opportunity naturally arose. I was keen to join his team of investors and finally earn some good interest on my money. My first 12 months' contract has recently completed and I chose to roll my investment over and back another project.
Thanks James, for a great opportunity


Nicholas Abercrombie

I have invested with Barker Homes & James Barker since 2016, with my investments all secured against land or properties, each year rolling my funds onto their next development scheme. I’ve had the reassurance of visiting their completed projects, as well as sites still currently under development and through these visits, and in all communications, I’ve found James Barker to be professionalopen and trustworthy.
All interest payments due on my investment have been paid in full and on time, with the capital sum I initially invested being repaid at the end of the contracted term.
Today I regard James as a friend and very much part of his plans for the future.

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